The birth of a home. When we designed The Hemingway, we designed it for you. We decided we wanted it to be friendly. Family friendly. Preferred price friendly. Photo friendly. When we designed it, we knew the open-to-below feature would create a grand sense. We knew the style around each turn would surprise you. We didn’t know that the sunbeams would take on a new identity in each corner. That the layer upon layer of luxe finishes would develop with such warmth. That the midcentury vibes would evolve with such 21st century freshness.



The magic of The Hemingway is not only the affordability factor. Just ask the many, many people who have chosen this design as home. The real magic is the way this home takes on dream home status for whomever she belongs to. Listen to the heartbeat of The Hemingway. She’s a beautiful baby.



Main Floor: 984 sq. ft.

Second Floor: 1018 sq. ft.

Basement: 737 sq. ft.


Total Living area: 2739 sq. ft.

Garage area: 331.5 sq. ft.