A new attitude. This is the evolution of The Luna design, with the same bones as that much loved showhome but boasting a very new look. This design is so functional, yet grand, for the price and we just love the way this new aesthetic looks inside its walls. Our creative team brought Bowers to a new place with cream as the new neutral, immersed in rich french taste, and with a mega-luxe vibe shining through.



The Perla speaks to those with traditional taste, as well as to those design lovers who think far ahead to the future. Everything you need is here and a whole lot of things you want (think dark and light marble, lots of glam moulding detailing, and much more).



Main Floor: 882 sq. ft.

Second Floor: 1080 sq. ft.

Basement: 962 sq. ft.


Total Living area: 2924 sq. ft.

Garage area: 296 sq. ft.