Interior Design Trends for Custom Homes

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Interior Design Trends


As a custom home builder here in the Maritimes, I've seen all kinds of interior home design trends come and go. But lately, I've noticed some exciting new styles really transforming custom homes in 2023, and towards 2024.

These days, homeowners want their houses to reflect their unique lifestyles and personalities. Whether you prefer a coastal cottage or a modern farmhouse vibe, your home should feel like an authentic expression of your family. My goal is to help craft spaces that nurture meaningful connections and foster a sense of belonging.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the top 10 trends to look out for when designing your dream home. From bold colours in the kitchen to curbless showers and biophilic elements, you'll discover inspiring ideas to make your house a home. With a bit of forethought and the right trusted builder, you can build something beautiful that fits your needs and stands the test of time.

We’re thrilled to share insider tips so you can create a high-quality home reflecting East Coast authenticity and your family's unique style. Let's dive in!


Key Rooms Taking On New Styles

As you plan your custom home, focus first on the key living spaces that shape family experiences every day.


When envisioning your dream kitchen, think about how you want the space to feel and function. A kitchen redesign presents a chance to create an area tailored to your family's lifestyle. As you plan, keep these top kitchen trends in mind to craft a gorgeous and innovative space.

Embrace Two-Tone Cabinetry

Two-tone kitchen cabinets continue gaining popularity for the dimensional style they allow. Try pairing light perimeter cabinets with a bold island colour to define different zones. Or go for an eye-catching accent wall in a rich hue like navy or emerald green. This article has fantastic examples of two-tone kitchen cabinet ideas. The contrast immediately livens up the aesthetics.

Welcome Curved Lines

Incorporate organic shapes with curved islands, rounded cabinet corners, and oval dining tables. The soft lines provide beautiful visual interest and a welcoming vibe. Curved kitchen islands feel fluid and invite people to gather around them. For a budget-friendly curved detail, install a rounded range hood over the stove area.

Choose Statement Lighting

Linear pendant lights over islands seamlessly blend form and function. For a seriously bold style, opt for an oversized chandelier as a dramatic focal point. And don't forget the task lighting - under cabinet lighting illuminates countertops, while accent lighting highlights architectural details. The new wave of smart lighting options allows you to set schedules and control ambiance from an app.

Build a Custom Beverage Station

A dedicated coffee bar or beverage nook simplifies morning routines. Use open shelving to display pretty barware and appliances. Incorporate extras like an undercounter wine fridge or sink. The personalised station provides a natural spot for family and friends to gather.

Excited to rethink your kitchen and home? As you envision revamping your bathrooms, consider how you can enhance relaxation while adding character. I'll share the top bathroom trends next to inspire your plans. What design ideas are you leaning toward? Let me know!


When designing your custom home bathrooms, focus on creating a relaxing, spa-like retreat. Carefully select materials and features that promote pampering and rejuvenation after long days. Follow these top trends to turn your bathroom into a soothing sanctuary.


Trend - Curbless showers

Seamlessly connect the shower area to the bathroom. Eliminate the curb for easier accessibility and to make small bathrooms feel more spacious. Continue floor tile into the shower with anti-slip mosaic tile.

Trend - Multiple shower heads

Create a spa experience with options like a standard shower head, rain shower head, and handheld shower. Add rejuvenating body jets. Including a built-in or freestanding seat or bench.

Trend - Bold contrasts

Make a statement with dark finishes like a black stone vanity against crisp white tile and counters. Or use a bold navy blue shower tile against neutral walls. Combine with warm woods and metals.

The bathroom should also simplify your routines. Adequate lighting ensures tasks like shaving and makeup application are easy. Features like towel warmers, heated floors, and storage promote organisation. By thoughtfully designing both form and function, your custom bathrooms can become daily escapes.

Let's now explore how to craft living rooms that nurture connection and authentic family experiences. What layouts or features help make the living room the heart of a home for you? I'd love to hear your thoughts and goals!


Living Rooms

The living room is often the heart of the home, where your family gathers to unwind, connect, and create memories. When designing your custom living room, focus on elements that promote togetherness while reflecting your unique style. Follow these top trends to craft a space that nurtures meaningful interactions.


Modern Rustic Style

  • • Blend natural materials like wood, stone, and textiles
  • • Add vintage touches for a cosy cabin feel
  • • Incorporate sleek, contemporary furnishings and lighting
  • • The key is mixing rugged and refined


Bold Colour

  • • Use vibrant hues like emerald green, sapphire blue, and rich gold
  • • Add colour through walls, rugs, pillows, and artwork
  • • Try colourful patterned wallpaper as an accent
  • • Anchor bright colours with neutral furniture


Texture Layers

  • • Incorporate varied textures like wood, leather, velvet, rattan, and stone
  • • Layer rugs and play with pillow fabrics
  • • Display natural textured accessories
  • • Creates visual interest and depth


Creative Furniture Arrangement

  • • Float multiple sofas, chairs, and seating options
  • • Built-in cabinetry for storage and display
  • • Position to define intimate and lively zones
  • • Direct flow and frame conversation areas


Indoor-Outdoor Connection

  • • Frame views with oversized windows and glass doors
  • • Bring in nature through plans, wood, organic patterns
  • • Blur lines between indoor and outdoor living areas
  • • Create a seamless feel

Now that we've covered some key living room trends, let's explore the major materials making a comeback in home design, like natural stone, wood tones and textiles.


Materials Making a Comeback

When selecting finishes and materials for your custom home, you want choices that stand the test of time while adding beauty and character. Many classic, natural materials are resurgence in popularity to help create authentic, livable homes. Let's explore some key materials making a major comeback.

Natural Stone

Stone adds unmatched depth, durability, and style. Popular natural stone options include:

  • Marble - Elegant white and grey veining patterns work beautifully in bathrooms and kitchens. A classic high-end look.
  • Quartzite - Harder and less porous than marble. The neutral tones complement many styles.
  • Limestone - Broad range of earthy beiges, creams, and soft browns. Lovely aged patina.
  • Slate - Dramatic dark greys and black that add bold contrast. Often used for flooring.
  • Sandstone - Warm natural tan, brown, and red earth tones. Varied rich textures.


Wood Tones

Wood finishes infuse spaces with warmth and artistry. Top wood trends include:

  • White Oak - Versatile neutral ranging from light to darker stains. Organic grain patterns.
  • Walnut - Sophisticated rich brown colour. Works well with cool greys and blues.
  • Douglas Fir - Handsome vertical graining in a light reddish-brown. Pacific Northwest vibe.
  • Reclaimed Wood - One-of-a-kind patina and imperfections. Sustainable and charming.
  • Whitewashed Wood - Softens the wood hue to a breezy, coastal-inspired white-washed look.


Natural Textiles

Layer rugs, pillows, and fabrics made from organic materials:

  • Jute - Natural fibre woven into rustic rugs. Eco-friendly durability.
  • Wool - Warm, insulating, and moisture-wicking properties. Available in many hues.
  • Linen - Made from flax fibres. Casual wrinkled texture or crisp tailored finish.
  • Cotton - Natural softness breaths well in any climate. Wide range of patterns.
  • Silk - Extremely fine and smooth luxury texture. Subtle sheen and lustre.

The resurgence of natural stones, wood finishes, and textiles reveals a desire for authenticity in home design. Their unique variations and artisanal qualities bring character to your custom haven.

Next, let's look at how nature is increasingly influencing interior design through biophilic elements, organic shapes, and earthy tones.


Nature-Inspired Designs

In recent years, there’s been a shift toward biophilic design elements that nurture our innate connection with nature. Bringing natural textures, materials, and colours into your home creates an organic oasis.

As you make decisions for your custom home, look for small ways to incorporate the vibrancy of the outdoors. Consider large windows overlooking your property to maximise scenic views. Incorporate stacked stone or reclaimed wood accents on walls. Display houseplants, flowers, and greenery to add lively pops of colour.

When selecting paint colours and fabrics, choose soft hues like sage green, sky blue, and warm terra cotta. These earthy tones emulate the calming palette of the natural world. For an ultra-zen vibe, try painting an accent wall in a rich green or deep blue tone. Here are a few simple ideas to embrace biophilic design:

  • • Hang leafy macrame wall hangings
  • • Add a living wall with mounted planters
  • • Display cut flowers and plants in natural vases
  • • Choose textured or fibre-woven rugs
  • • Opt for wooden furniture with natural edges

Connecting your interior design to the coastal landscape and lush East Coast greenery will promote relaxation. Visually, blurring the line between indoors and outdoors enhances wellbeing.


Turning to the Past

Lately, I've noticed a resurgence of vintage design elements being integrated into custom homes. By drawing inspiration from past eras, we can honour cherished aesthetics and give new life to timeless pieces.

Traditional architectural styles are making a comeback, like ornamental Artisan details or stately Formal Traditional symmetrical layouts. These classically beautiful styles showcase exquisite craftsmanship that stands the test of time.

You may also see homeowners blending modern furnishings with curated antiques to create an eclectic look. An antique dining table instantly adds warmth and character to a room. Styling tips:

  • • Seek out quality solid wood pieces to refinish or upholster
  • • Source unique accent chairs or cabinets at estate sales
  • • Display your family heirlooms and vintage collections

Another vintage trend is embracing colours and patterns from specific eras. For instance, you could decorate a home office with dark wood tones and leather furniture harkening back to old-world gentlemen's libraries. Or design a powder room with bold black-and-white Art Deco tile patterns evoking 1920s opulence.

Some ideas for vintage-inspired spaces:

  • • An elegant parlour with 18th century Rococo furnishings
  • • A 1950s-style diner booth in the kitchen
  • • Regency-style mouldings and panelled walls

By celebrating past design eras and generations of craft skills, we can keep timeless beauty alive while putting our own modern spin on it.


Emerging Color Trends for 2023 and 2024

When selecting paint colours and fabrics for your custom home, you'll want to consider the hottest hues trending for 2023. Vibrant colours can instantly enliven your interiors and give off welcoming energy. Let's explore some of the up-and-coming shades to keep on your radar.

Emerging Color Trend - Emerald greens

These rich green tones add a pop of colour while remaining livable since they're drawn straight from nature. Try using emerald on a front door or accent wall.

Emerging Color Trend - Powdery pastel blues

Soft hues like powder blue, sky blue, and robin's egg blue create a soothing oasis when used on cabinetry, ceilings, or bedrooms. The key is keeping the blues light and airy.

Emerging Color Trend - Warm beiges and greiges

These cosy, versatile shades provide an uplifting and peaceful backdrop. Use warmer beiges in place of stark whites for a more welcoming vibe.

Emerging Color Trend - Bold accent colours

Pops of coral, marigold, and even energising chartreuse put the finishing touch on any colour scheme.

Thoughtfully selected colours can reflect the natural beauty of the East Coast while expressing your family's energy and style. As we focus next on green design, what sustainable practices matter most to you? Share your eco-friendly priorities as we explore the path to sustainability.


The Path to Sustainability for Custom Home Design

As eco-conscious custom home builders, we're committed to pursuing sustainable design and construction practices while minimising environmental impact. There are many ways to build a green home that's energy and resource efficient without sacrificing comfort or aesthetics.

Eco-Friendly Materials

When selecting materials, consider these sustainable options:

  • • FSC-certified woods
  • • Natural linoleum flooring
  • • Recycled glass tiles
  • • Locally-sourced products


Energy Efficiency

Boost efficiency with these green features:

  • • ENERGY STAR appliances
  • • Sealing air leaks
  • • Strategic tree placement for natural shade
  • • Smart home technology to monitor energy use


Water Conservation

Reduce water usage with these tips:

  • • Drought-tolerant native plants for landscaping
  • • Low-flow plumbing fixtures
  • • Collecting rainwater in barrels for irrigation

By incorporating sustainable materials, emphasising energy efficiency, and conserving water, you can build an eco-friendly home aligned with your green values.



Technological Integration

As our world becomes increasingly connected, the walls of our homes are no exception. The rise of smart home technology has transformed the way we interact with our living spaces, infusing a sense of seamless convenience and heightened security.

  • Home Automation Systems: Imagine waking up to your favourite music, blinds automatically adjusting to the morning light, and your coffee machine brewing a fresh cup. Home automation systems offer a synchronised living experience where devices communicate to create a tailored environment for every moment.
  • Integrated Speakers: Whether you're hosting a gathering or enjoying a solitary evening, the ability to control music in every room ensures the mood is always right. Ceiling and wall-integrated speakers offer a clutter-free solution with optimal sound quality.
  • Advanced Security Systems: Peace of mind is invaluable. Modern security systems not only alert you about intruders but also provide real-time video feeds, facial recognition, and even smart locks that can be controlled remotely.


Outdoor Living Spaces

Canada's diverse climate presents a unique challenge and opportunity for homeowners. While summers are a time for BBQs and garden lounging, winters transform patios into snowy retreats. The key is to design versatile outdoor spaces that cater to every season.

  • Heated Patios: A popular choice among homeowners, heated patios ensure that the outdoor fun doesn't stop when temperatures drop. With radiant heating underfoot, enjoy snowy landscapes without the chill.
  • Winter Gardens: A blend of indoor comfort and outdoor serenity, winter gardens are enclosed spaces with transparent roofs and walls. They capture sunlight, turning cold days into warm afternoons amidst greenery.
  • Multi-season Furniture: Opt for furniture that's not only comfortable but also resilient to the elements. Weatherproof cushions, rust-resistant metals, and treated woods ensure longevity and style year-round.


Flexible Spaces

The global events of the past few years have reshaped our relationship with our homes. Spaces now need to be multifunctional, catering to work, leisure, and everything in between. The beauty lies in designing rooms that adapt as our lives evolve.

  • Transformative Home Offices: With remote work becoming a mainstay, home offices are essential. Think of desks that convert into dining tables or bookshelves that hide away to reveal a guest bed. The possibilities are as endless as they are innovative.
  • Modular Furniture: Furniture that adapts is the future. Modular sofas, expandable tables, and stackable storage units allow homeowners to redesign spaces on a whim, ensuring functionality always meets form.
  • Dedicated Zones: Sometimes, all it takes is a sliding door or a movable partition. Creating dedicated zones within a room can help switch the ambiance from a bustling office to a serene reading nook in seconds.


Wrapping Up the Top Trends

We've covered a lot of ground exploring the top interior design trends transforming custom homes in 2023! To recap, key themes include:

    • • Bold colours and patterns providing visual interest
    • • Natural materials like stone and wood adding organic warmth
    • • Vintage styles blending past and present for timeless beauty
    • Biophilic design and sustainability practices connecting us to nature
    • • Smart home tech simplifying and customising spaces

The goal is creating a welcoming home that nurtures your family's well being while reflecting on your unique personality and lifestyle. With careful planning and an experienced trusted builder like Bower Construction guiding the way, you can bring your dream home to life this year!

Now let's take a look at some


FAQS for Interior Design Trends for Custom Homes:

What are some easy ways to add bold colour on a budget?

Small doses of vibrant colour make a big impact! Try painting an accent wall in a rich green, blue or coral hue, or add pops of colour with patterned throw pillows, art prints, or decorative objects like vases. Wallpaper is another affordable way to incorporate colour and pattern.

How do I choose an overall home colour palette?

Consider the colours you're naturally drawn to or inspired by the natural hues of the East Coast landscape. Select one or two main neutral wall colours as your base, then layer in accents. Be sure to view palettes at different times of day to visualise how lighting affects the tones.

What should I prioritise in a new custom kitchen?

Focus first on elements that support your family's lifestyle like optimised storage, easy clean-up, and gathering areas. Then incorporate special details like a beverage station, statement lighting or two-tone cabinetry to add beauty and function. Don't forget the lighting!