Fredericton teamBowers Construction has become synonymous with high-quality homebuilding, touching a vast range of local areas and price points. Our signature luxe design style simply can’t be compared. A passionate family force, Bowers values the East Coast-centric mentality, deep trust, and our intimate builder/client relationships above all else. Real connections are everything.

Today, that trust we’ve built shows as more and more of you choose to build Bowers, an insightful choice.

Our look stands strong and bold, like you do, but the name Bowers really means family working hard for your family. We spend careful hours choosing the finest suppliers and subtrades just as we would for our own home.

The art is in the process, and we work alongside you in every step of that process in the neighbourly way – that's how we began, and that's what we know. Even as we enter our fourth year in business and surpass 50 homes, we choose you as our focus.